Everything about food and overall health entices me. Coming from a family of Registered Dietitians, Environmentalists and Food Bloggers, I've always been extremely passionate about eating healthy, plant-based foods. I've been involved in various aspects of the food and health industries from completing The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to working for an Agriculture Technology company helping farmers sustainably feed the planet. 

Now, I live in Boston, where I am a certified nutrition health coach, software product manager, adaptogenic coffee drinker, book worm, marathon runner, Prius driver, New England style IPA enjoyer, Sugarloafer, and daily yoga-er. I'm also extremely passionate about helping anyone (talking about you!) find the confidence to make healthy choices and feel empowered to live their best lives. 

You can contact me to explore options to work together, with any questions you have, or just to say 👋 .


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